Our 8-week running program designed for beginner runners and recreational athletes. This program is for those who want to run a 5K and who are serious about improving their endurance and decreasing risk of injury.

Included in this training program:

  • A 6 Minute endurance run to test aerobic endurance fitness (the ability of the body to use oxygen as an energy source)

  • Cadence drill for forward movement. Forward movement only happens when your feet strike the ground, it’s best for you to get them off the ground as quickly as possible

  • Running specific drills that will minimize injury, improve and strengthen your running style

  • Interval training to condition your heart and lungs and improve your anaerobic endurance.

  • Specific exercises that improve leg and core strength

  • The DCM Program (drills, core, and mobility) improves cadence and stride length, a strong powerful firing core prevents injury and allows for acceleration, deceleration, and stabilization during dynamic movements, and decreases joint pain enhancing strength for your running style

  • 8-Minute Mobility Routine for Runners

  • Judgement-Free, Supportive Community

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Each session begins with core work, mobility, a short jog and general drills for the ROD (run of the day).

Continuing with interval training after the warm-up and ending each training session with a cool down and stretch. We design all new workouts each week, so you’ll never get bored with your training! 

Location: Garfield Sobers Gymnasium
Date & Time: Tuesdays/Thursdays, 5:30PM- 6:30PM
Training frequency:
Minimum 3X week, for 8 weeks


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