Our year-round running program designed for the intermediate or advanced runner

Included in this training program:

  • Running specific drills that will minimize injury, improve and strengthen your running style
  • Intervals, hill and downhill training – high-intensity bursts of speed with recovery time to build general work capacity
  • Specific exercises for legs core and running mechanics
  • Tempo’s cruise intervals to maintain specific and consistent pace
  • Extended Specific Endurance – focus on endurance through high intensity intervals. Start from short speed and strength and gradually increase the distance/ decrease the speed
  • 8-Minute Mobility Routine for Runners
  • Judgement-Free, Supportive Community

8 Sessions for $125

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Each session begins with a short jog and general sprint drills for the ROD (run of the day) and ends with a cool down and stretch.

We design all new workouts each week, so you’ll never get bored with your training!

Location: Garfield Sobers Gymnasium
Date & Time: Tuesdays/Thursdays, 5AM- 6AM & a long run on Saturday mornings
Training frequency:
Minimum 3 times per week, focusing on your goals 


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